Workplace Safety and CA Workers Compensation

Workplace Safety and CA Workers Compensation

Posting reminders about safety and scheduling a few safety meetings each year may help lessen CA workers compensation claims. Nobody likes to hear that someone has been injured on the job, and taking a few extra precautions in the workplace can help make a difference. Use these safety tips reduce the risk of accidents on the job.

Make sure employees have been trained in the proper methods for using tools at the workplace. New employees should receive training in safety standards and on how to perform their tasks safely before beginning the job.

Check the equipment and tools used to perform tasks to make sure they are operating correctly, and sharpen tools to prevent accidents from dull chains or blades. Ensure heavy equipment and vehicles are in proper working order.

See that all employees are issued appropriate protective clothing such as gloves and eye goggles when working in construction, factories, carpentry and welding jobs. Make sure there is proper ventilation, heating and air conditioning to maintain comfortable working conditions for the type of work being performed.

Conducting safety meetings regularly helps to remind employees about safety especially when they work with hazardous materials or dangerous tools. Keep a copy of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations and guidelines in your workplace, and make it available to all employees.

Ask employees to be on the lookout for potential safety hazards or malfunctioning equipment. Help keep CA workers compensation claims down by making safety a top priority.



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