Cyber Liability Insurance

Keeping your family secure to pursue your passions is our number one priority.

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Keeping your family secure to pursue your passions is our number one priority.

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California Cyber Liability Insurance

It’s a digital world, and you need digital protection.


How do you know you need cyber liability insurance? Ask yourself these questions:


Does your business have a website? Do you keep digital records on local servers or in the cloud? Are you advertising your business online? Does important data live on thumb drives, laptops, computers, and other electronic or digital equipment? Do you send emails?


If you can answer yes to even one question, your business needs a cyber liability insurance policy.


It’s the 21st century. If your business wants to succeed, you’re using today’s technology. That same technology comes with its own dangers. Protect yourself and your business from the risks that come with living and working in a digital world.


Potential Causes of Cyber Liability Risk


Your business exposes itself to cyber risks more often than you realize. Sometimes you know when it happens, like when something is stolen. Sometimes you don’t know until it’s too late, like unintentionally infecting visitors to your website with a virus.


Here are a few of the risks that a cyber liability policy covers:


  • Lost thumb drives, cell phones, tablets
  • Website hacks
  • Data breaches
  • Computer viruses distributed by your business
  • Online copyright infringement
  • Online plagiarism, libel, or slander
  • Users unable to access your website


All of these potential dangers put your business at risk. At IBW, we can help you choose a cyber liability insurance policy that helps you when these things happen — and they will. The right policy can also help you follow your legal requirements as a business, like notifying customers of the breach as well as help with PR management in the aftermath.


What Does Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?


What your cyber liability insurance can do for you depends on what kind of policy you choose. Every business has a different risk exposure. Your individual policy needs will vary based on your business needs.


  • Hiring a public relations firm to handle all the negative publicity from the attack or breach
  • Hiring a call center to handle the calls and questions from people impacted by the breach, attack, or virus
  • Getting back the data you lost when your computer or online systems becomes compromised
  • Loss of income after a computer system and business disruption from an attack or virus
  • Reimbursement for fraudulent expenses
  • The costs to get your business back up and running after a computer system disruption from an attack or virus


You can’t have a successful business in the 21st century without being online and using digital technology. This means you can’t protect yourself from risk without the help of a cyber liability insurance policy. At IBW, we’ll help you choose the coverage that best protects your business. Contact us today!