Woman pleads guilty to insurance fraud

Woman pleads guilty to insurance fraud

A woman in Fulton County, Georgia pleaded guilty on Tuesday June 5th  to 5 counts of insurance fraud and one count of theft by taking. Her son passed away in a tragic car accident in December of 2002, so the woman disguised herself as her deceased son. Then went down to an insurance office and took out an accidental life insurance policy in his name with Monumental Life Insurance Co. Once the policy was in place, she altered documents to reflect his death occurred in April of 2003. Then she filed a claim on the policy, to which the insurance company paid out a sum of $151,000. Authorities were alerted to the scheme by the woman’s ex-husband, the father of her late son, when he uncovered the plot in 2007.

 The woman was sentenced to 20 years of probation, 200 hours of community service, and must undergo drug and alcohol treatment. She also has to repay all the money she received from the insurance company. Since she agreed to a plea bargain she must complete the 200 hours of community service, the treatment and pay back the insurance company in less than 5 years she would be aloud to end her probation after the 5 year mark.

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