What You Should Know About Earthquakes and Insurance in California

What You Should Know About Earthquakes and Insurance in California

Natural disasters are unfortunately a part of life, but it does not mean you have to go totally unprotected. Do you have home insurance in California? We hope that you are not assuming that your home is already covered by earthquake coverage as home insurance doesn’t automatically cover this risk.

Normally earthquake coverage is an additional policy. Acquiring earthquake insurance is of course an additional expense, but those living in earthquake prone areas might find it reassuring to have.

Earthquakes can cause damage even if a quake occurs some distance from your home. Homeowners may experience water damage resulting from cracked sewer or water pipes. Water damage can be extensive and ruin furniture, rugs and floors in addition to the home’s structure.

Even when the ground quits shaking in an earthquake, you may notice new signs of damage. For example, sometimes gas lines begin leaking and start fires. Collapsed power lines miles away from earthquake activity can start fires that engulf nearby neighborhoods.

Another consideration when thinking about natural disasters such as earthquakes is the resulting landslides that occur sometimes. Many homeowners’ insurance policies cover things like fire, but do not necessarily cover flooding and landslides.

Even if you decide not to purchase earthquake insurance, it may be a good time to speak with an insurance agent and discuss adding additional landslide and flooding insurance. Keeping your insurance in California up to date is a good idea for financial protection from risks.


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