Traveling tips to save at the pump

Traveling tips to save at the pump

We all know that gas prices are increasing and gas is becoming a major factor in  vacation travel.  We would like to share some helpful hints that will maximize your traveling without damaging your wallet.

  1. Buy gas the day before you travel- you already know which  gas station has the best price making sure you get a price you can factor in ahead of time.
  2. Empty out your ride- Having a heavy car can be hurtful to you at the pump. That large bag of dog food or boxes of goodwill donations can make your fuel go quicker and cost you precious MPG’s
  3. Choose an exit with several gas stations- When a trip to the pump is needed, try to find an exit where there are more than one gas station, and travel to one that is a little farther away. What you pay in the extra drive, you save at the pump, since the gas station is less likely to be price-gouging then the ones right off the freeway.

Tomorrow we will have some tips for people who are going to be renting cars and how to save money when dealing with a rental.

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