Tips for Driving Safely

Tips for Driving Safely

Here is a brief look at a great article from Road Trip America about 70 tips to drive safely on this very heavy traveled weekend. We wanted to share some of those tips with you.

#1 Pay Attention:

A large majority of collisions are the result of inattention by one or both of the drivers. Inattention can involve many things such as daydreaming, distractions, sleepiness, fatigue, talking, etc. Paying attention allows you to be more alert and recognize and avoid hazards on the road. Alertness is the most important driving task because it allows you to create the time you need to recognize and avoid hazards or a collision. One statistic is that most collisions happen within a short distance from home; this is usually because a majority of driving is done in our own neighborhoods. If we are close to home we tend to be more relaxed while driving and perhaps let our guard down.

#2 Don’t Trust Anybody

I don’t know about any of you readers but I cannot read minds or predict the future. If I could be like Nicholas Cage in Next then I would be able to know exactly what the other car will do. So unless you are able to anticipate his or her every mistake you have to be aware and rely on yourself for your own safety. How do you know that the driver in front of you is not inebriated, or just lost their job? Be alert to the possibilities and have a plan for the unexpected.

#3 Yield Anyway

This one is relatively simple; if you have any doubt as to the right of way, give it away. Its better to be safe then it is to be hurt or killed, that is for sure. So when in doubt, just yield.

#4 Don’t Speed

This seems like a no-brainer but if it truly was , then cops wouldn’t give speeding tickets. Speeding cuts your available reaction time and results in more force upon a collision. The faster you travel the more distance it takes to come to a complete stop, and it also lowers the time you have to react and perform the measures necessary to slow the car down or avoid the accident.

For more information please check out the website Road Trip America for more tips on safe driving. Tomorrow I will share some more tips, and if you have any questions feel free to call or send us a message on Facebook

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