Teen and Parent Tips

Teen and Parent Tips

            To all the parents and teenagers out their, this article is for you. We all know learning to drive can be a very stressful occasion. So we have some tips to help make the experience hopefully more enjoyable and productive for all involved.


  1. Anger is the enemy of teaching.
    This one is a lot easier said then done. Yelling at your teen or vice versa does nothing but distract us from the road. So when you need to convey things use a strong but caring voice, anger will get you nowhere.
  2. Follow my example. (Parents)
    This one can be easier said then done, many people feel they are a good enough driver to handle making exceptions to certain common practices such as turn signals or the 10 and 2 grips on the wheel. So be the example even before your teen even gets behind the wheel.
  3. Know that driving is dangerous (Teens)
    Auto accidents happen every day and getting behind the wheel is a huge responsibility. So follow your parents’ advice, and pay attention. Your parents have most likely been driving longer than you have been around, so listen to their advice.

We here at Insurance Brokers West hope everyone drives safely.

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