Reviewing safety at the workplace for hand-held tools

Reviewing safety at the workplace for hand-held tools

Communication and
training are two key ways to prevent accidents on the job. You may have
excellent instruction guides demonstrating the use of tools, but you cannot be
sure all employees understand. To communicate effectively, consider a
safety-training meeting. Meetings of this nature provide employees with verbal
instructions and hands-on practice. Employees who develop skills and confidence
when using hand-held tools are less likely to have injuries, and the need for CA
workers compensation.

Safety Training Meeting

Invite all workers who use tools in their job to a
safety training meeting. Include workers who already have experience using
tools. They may pick up new safety tips or additional uses for tools.


Holding a meeting with department heads gives
employees the opportunities to ask questions and discuss concerns regarding
power tools. Often workers may have concerns about accidents when using hand-tools
and a meeting allows them to voice those concerns.

Managers can discuss each type of tool used in the
job. They can describe the purpose of tools and their uses, in addition to
specific safety measures.

Employees can participate in exercises designed to
provide training for tool use. As workers go through the exercises, this allows
managers to see that each employee understands correct usage following safety

safety-training sessions helps to ensure that employees understand tool use,
risks and safety measures. Holding regular training and safety meetings may
help to reduce CA workers compensation

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