Providing Additional Safety in the Workplace with CA Workers Compensation

Providing Additional Safety in the Workplace with CA Workers Compensation

The law in the Golden State requires that business owners buy CA workers compensation to financially protect workers in the event of an accident. This form of insurance provides compensation as well as medical help. This also benefits the employer in that the employee in most cases waives the right to sue in favor of this payout.

The level of premium paid by the business for workers compensation is determined by the perceived level of risk in the workplace. It is in the interests of business owners therefore to prevent accidents. One way to prevent accidents and injury may be through the practice of ergonomics. By hiring an expert in ergonomics, injury risks may be reduced by implementing new ways of handling materials, or indeed better working conditions such as chairs and a safer office environment.

A professional may suggest improved work practices such as encouraging workers to stop, rest, and stretch for five minutes to improve flexibility. They may suggest more ergonomically-designed furniture to help prevent injuries such as repetitive strain injury and suggest that heavily physical jobs be rotated to reduce the workload.

Not only may this help reduce the incidence of accidents and injuries but it may also reduce the level of CA workers compensation that the business pays in the future by reducing risk and claim numbers. For more about workers’ compensation or other business insurance, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our agents.


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