Protecting your repair shop with California business insurance

Protecting your repair shop with California business insurance

It takes
a lot of time and hard work to build up clientele for a successful camera
repair shop. Once your business is well established, the last thing you need is
a lawsuit or a fire. A tough economy often leaves little room for profit let
alone trying to cover the financial aspects of a theft, fire or damages.
Purchasing California
business insurance
not only helps you sleep at night, but also covers some
of the big risks your business may face in the future.


Two of
the worst risks that a camera repair shop may face are theft and fire. Cameras
and camera equipment can be expensive and a target for thieves. Their size
makes them simple to hide in a jacket and easily fenced. Even the smallest of
fires in a camera repair shop can cause extreme damage to camera equipment.
Water, heat and smoke may affect sensitive equipment like cameras, which can
mean a total loss. Protect your small business with property insurance


There is
always the risk of accidents when customers visit shops. A slanted sidewalk,
debris in the parking lot or wet flooring could be responsible for an accident,
which results in a lawsuit. Accusations of damage to a client’s property could
also lead to a law suit. General liability coverage is designed to help cover
these potentially expensive financial situations.

risks with California business insurance
is a good idea. For quotes, or to learn more about the types of coverage
appropriate for your business, call to speak with an agent.

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