Preventing Robberies with California Business Insurance

Preventing Robberies with California Business Insurance

What is the crime rate in the area in which your business is located? How many of the nearby business have been burglarized? Along with investing in California business insurance, businesses that are open later than normal, such as convenience stores, may benefit from implementing one or more of the following suggestions that may be helpful in diminishing the odds of a robbery:

  • Arrange layout so both employees and cash register are able to be seen from the outside.
  • Refrain from hanging signs on the windows that block the view of your workers.
  • Keeping shelving low can help employees to spot thieves.
  • There should be adequate lighting inside and outside your business.
  • Door detectors are designed to alert workers when someone enters or exits.
  • Readily visible video surveillance equipment is not only a great deterrent, but it can increase the chances of catching criminals.

When trying to make your business burglary-proof, remember these key goals: one, limit the amount of cash on hand; two, control customer access points; and three, improve visibility. No plan is foolproof however, so it is vital you train your employees to give potentially violent criminals what they want without incident. Remember, no amount of money is worth a life. It is the job of your California business insurance to help prevent thieves from destroying your business’ financial well being.



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