New Year’s Resloutions

New Year’s Resloutions

1. Average 40 new business policies a month and continue learning more about the insurance industry.

2. Spend more time with my family and friends.

3. I want to work out more often

4. Handle my finances more effectively 

5. Get more enjoyment out of life. 

-Yeny Serrano



1. I want to eat healthier.

2. I want to work hard to better serve my clients

3. I want to stay active

-Carol Gold


1. Spend more time with my children individually.

2. I want to work out more.

3. Dress Up more often/ Curl My Hair

4. Become a Licensed Agent

-Tasha Hernandez


1. Clean out my closet and donate my old clothes

2. Buy a condo/house

3. Go back to school and finish my bachelor’s degree

4. Get a second job /Make more money


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