Is Your Business At Risk for Flooding? California Business Insurance Can Help!

Is Your Business At Risk for Flooding? California Business Insurance Can Help!

The purpose of California business insurance is to help protect you and your business against avoidable financial burden. What is included in your coverage? The typical vandalism, fire, and theft policy may not be enough for California businesses. Commercial establishments in the Golden State can be at risk for a variety of natural disasters. Tsunamis for instance, can occur with very little warning and there is usually little you can do to stop the damage. Does your business have flood coverage?

It seems to some that the earth’s plates may be becoming more unstable. The reason behind this thinking is the increase in earthquakes throughout the world. These trembles below the earth’s crust are one of the major reasons behind tsunamis.  On March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by an earthquake rated at an 8.9 magnitude on the Richter Scale. This caused a tsunami which rushed 5,000 miles east at 500 mph to hit the West Coast of California 10 hours later.  While many deaths and injuries were prevented thanks to the warning of the US Geological Survey, many individuals lost their source of livelihood.

This tsunami was not the first or the worst to hit California, and it certainly will not be the last. Will your business make it through the next one or will you sink under the mound of debt created by the necessary repairs? By purchasing flood coverage along with a typical California business insurance, you can help ensure you are financially protected from future flooding.


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