Insurance in California for Ice Cream Parlors

Insurance in California for Ice Cream Parlors

Do you run an ice cream parlor? Spills can happen in an ice cream parlor during rush hour and before you know it someone may have had an accident. When your employee or a customer has an accident in the workplace, you may have either a workers’ compensation claim on your hands or a lawsuit from the customer. Most small ice cream parlor businesses could probably not easily recover from the cost of a lawsuit without insurance. However liability insurance could help financially. Small businesses need insurance in California just as much as large ones. Consider the benefits of a business owner’s policy (BOP) and see how it may work your ice cream parlor.

Buying insurance for your small business does not have to be overwhelming. Small food and beverage businesses like your ice cream parlor can usually purchase business owners’ policies. Most BOPs offer basic insurance to cover common financial risks. For example, a food and beverage BOP could offer cover business property, equipment and stock, and general liability, as well as provide business interruption coverage.

Once you get the basics covered with a BOP, you can explore extra insurance coverage for your unique business. Small business owners running an ice cream parlor may also be very interested in equipment breakdown insurance. Having a refrigerator or an ice cream freezer break down could be disastrous in the ice cream business. Food contamination insurance may also be a consideration if your business has a food menu in addition to selling ice cream.
Explore your insurance options to get full coverage. Feel free to ask your agent about customizing insurance in California for your ice cream business.



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