How to hire employees for a coffee shop

How to hire employees for a coffee shop

Hiring good employees could have a direct bearing on how successful a business becomes. When dealing with the public in a coffee shop setting, it is important to hire people with friendly outgoing personalities for server or host positions. Customers are more likely to remember a friendly face and a comfortable atmosphere whether they are in a coffee shop or restaurant. Managers or owners should look at the qualifications of each job applicant and hire those with the skills and personalities needed for the job. It’s also important that coffee shop owners do not forget to secure CA workers compensation insurance before their first employee turns up to work.

Begin the hiring process by advertising that you need help in your business. Consider posting a “help wanted” sign in the window of your shop. Use classified services to post job adverts if you can afford the costs in your budget.

Have application forms drawn up that include spaces for entering work history, references, pay expectations and availability. Interview all suitable applicants to learn more about their abilities, backgrounds and personality traits. After interviewing, check personal references and verify previous employment. Make your final decision based on the candidates’ application forms, interviews and references.

Provide all new employees with thorough training for the position and discuss safety guidelines. Good training and safety standards should help you to avoid claims on your CA workers compensation insurance. Contact us if you need more information on workers’ comp insurance for your coffee shop business.


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