Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun

Halloween is a time of much excitement and joy to people of all ages. A time when your parents encourage you to go to all your neighbors, knock on their doors and receive candy. In our best effort to help everyone enjoy tonight, we thought it would be best if we shared some safety tips.  

    1.    Young Children:  Parents of young children should escort  their children to the door. It’s a great way to meet your neighbors while making sure your kids are safe.

     2.  Children who trick or treat by themselves:  Parents of children who are trick or treating without them,  should  make sure you know the route they are taking and to check up on them  on a regular basis..Make sure they have a flashlight or another light source to help them see when it gets dark.  Bright colored costumes can be a plus because they are easier for drivers to spot at night.  

     3.  Teens:     Parents of  teens who are going to parties,  should make sure your children can get home safe. Be willing to  have them call you , no questions asked, and offer them a ride if they become intoxicated or are unable to drive.  

It is  very important to drive safely because of the number of kids outside.   We want to see everyone gets home safe. So from all of us at Insurance Brokers West, we wish you a wonderful and safe holiday. 

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