Getting Your Business Ready with California Business Insurance

Getting Your Business Ready with California Business Insurance

Step one to starting your own business is obtaining the required permits and California business insurance. Step two, if you’re not going at it alone, is to hire some great employees. In between these two phases, you must take several steps to ensure your business is able to handle the additional of a working staff. Here are five things every business owner should do before starting the hiring process.

Start a record keeping system. Up-to-date business records are vital to tracking your finances and paying taxes. You may also discover your business falls under certain state and federal regulations that mandate you keep certain records on all personnel.

Take the time to research workplace safety. OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, outlines a multitude of dos and don’ts to help ensure all employees can do their jobs injury-free. Prepare safety procedures or guidelines appropriate for the tasks your employees will do. Failing to pay attention to workplace safety could result in fines or your business being shut down.

Determine what sort of employee benefits you want to offer. Common choices are health, dental, and life insurance. The US Department of Labor has set out certain laws regulating this aspect of businesses so be sure to check things out or speak to one of our agents before making a decision. We can assist you with a range of California business insurance needs.


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