Employers Are Responsible for Safety, Morale and CA Workers Compensation

Employers Are Responsible for Safety, Morale and CA Workers Compensation

Accidents happen in every kind of business. People may think that dangerous jobs like mining or construction work have the most accidents, but even office workers get their share too. Storing boxes haphazardly in a room can trip an office worker, or spilling water or coffee on the break-room floor might be asking for a slip accident. Employers must do their best to counsel their workers about preventing accidents and learn how to handle morale in the workplace after there has been a worker injury. Being proactive when it comes to accident prevention should also reduce the number of CA workers compensation claims.

Accidents in the workplace negatively affect production schedules if employees suffer injuries and cannot perform their jobs. Often smaller companies with just a few employees cannot afford to absorb the extra work when an employee is injured.

When an employee is involved in an on-the-job accident involving dangerous tools or equipment, other employees may become frightened to perform their jobs. An employer must investigate the cause of the accident and take steps to ensure all work equipment is safe to operate. This method works to reassure employees that it is still safe to do their jobs. Employers should repair or replace any malfunctioning equipment immediately.

In addition to feeling fear after an accident, some employees may also have a sense of sadness. Serious accidents are liable to bring down morale and cause distress. Look for ways to improve morale and reassure workers.

After any accident you’ll want to review your safety procedures and consider how similar accidents might be prevented in the future. Your diligence in this regard might reduce the risk of future accidents and CA workers compensation claims.


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