Employers and staff can work together to reduce accidents

Employers and staff can work together to reduce accidents

It is amazing what people can accomplish when working together
as a team. When both employers and employees make a concentrated effort to
reduce safety issues, everyone wins. Fewer injuries and less workplace
accidents may mean less CA
workers compensation
claims. See how employers and employees
can make a difference with these safety suggestions.


all new employees on how to perform their tasks.

on the job training for equipment, with safety instructions to new employees.

See that
all employees read and understand a copy of your safety guidelines

all employees protective gear for working specific job functions that require

all employees work performance for safety compliance. Make corrective
suggestions for safety problems when appropriate, and document safety issues
for each employee.

should lead by example. Attending the same programs, meetings and seminars for
safety, sets an appropriate example for employees.

review your entire work operation looking for areas that need attention for
safety concerns.


employee should follow company policies for safety. Ask questions when training
or safety procedures are unclear.

any injuries to management promptly.

unsafe working conditions allows employers to make immediate corrections for
resolving safety issues.

the rules and wear safety gear as instructed. Use the appropriate tools to
reduce accidents according to company policies.

When everyone pitches
in to find or resolve safety issues, you lessen the chance of accidents.
Employers who implement well-designed safety programs may lessen CA workers compensation claims.

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