Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Me: Where were you born?

Carol: I was born in New York, New York 

Me: How did you end up in Moorpark?

Carol: We moved from New York as a teen to California when I was looking for houses and we found Simi Valley.

Me:What do you like to do in your free time?

Carol: Knit, crochet and sew

Me: Do you own any pets?

Carol: I have one dog, Molly a Maltipoo.

Me: How long have you been in the insurance industry?

Carol: More years then I care to say, lets go with 25+ (laughs).

Me: How did you come to work for Insurance Brokers West?

Carol: Ive been friends with the owners for many years and finally decided to join the agency

Me: What did you dream of being when you were a child?

Carol: I wanted to be a nurse as a child

Me: What is your dream car?

Carol: Jaguar XJ6

Me: How has the insurance industry changed your outlook on life?

Carol: I don’t know, its been my job for many years. I know the value of helping people protect themselves

Me: What is your favorite movie?

Carol: An Officer and a Gentleman

Me: If your life was to be made into a movie, who would you want to play you?

Carol: Meryl Streep

Me: Since it’s now November tell me about your Favorite Thanksgiving moment:

Carol; Every year, I put at each play setting I put a votive candle and I ask each person at the table to tell me something they are thankful for then they can blow out their candle

Me: What is your favorite musical artist?

Carol: Peter, Paul, and Mary

Me: What are your favorite sports teams?

Carol: I would have to say the Brooklyn Dodgers.

Me: If you were stranded on an island what three things would you choose to have with you?

Carol: Something to knit crochet or sew, Larry, my husband and my computer to stay in touch with the grandkids.

Me: If you could travel to any place in the world where would you want to go?

Carol: Israel

Me: What is your most common weekend activity?

Carol: Keeping up with the grandkids, going to soccer games or swim meets and the like.

Me: Do you have any kids?

Carol: Yes, I have two daughters Jill and April and 5 grandchildren; Jake 9, Olivia 7, Aiden 3, Ozlyn 2 and Charlee 5 months

Carol is our Commercial lines expert so feel free to give her an email about all your business insurance needs.

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