Driving Safely in the Rain

Driving Safely in the Rain

            Today I woke up to something many people in Ventura County are not all that familiar with, rain. So I figured why don’t I share some tips for driving in the rain with everyone.

            -Slow Down: It takes more time to stop your car on wet roads. So slow down and keep an eye out for any upcoming brake lights. Also avoid getting to close to the car in front of you, as the water they spray up could affect your vision.

            -Turn on your lights: In many states including California, if your windshield wipers are on, then you must also turn on your headlights. It is recommended that you use your headlights in even cloudy or gloomy weather. It not only helps you see what is in front of you but it also helps the other drivers see you on the road.

            Avoid puddles: Puddles can be a very dangerous obstacle on the road even after the rain has stopped. So as you drive try to follow the car in front of you to get better traction and stability. Also if you cannot see how deep a puddle is avoid it as best you can, deep puddles can damage the electronics in your car.

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