Does Your Business Have California Business Liability Insurance?

Does Your Business Have California Business Liability Insurance?

What purpose does your California business liability insurance serve? There is actually a variety of liability coverage types offered to businesses, but one of the most popular is general liability. This type of insurance helps with the expenses related to someone being injured on your property. Why are you held responsible for such circumstances?

Customers visit your place of business because you have asked them to come there. While you may not have asked an individual to come personally, the fact that you run a business selling products or services to the public, legally classifies your clients as invited guests. With this comes a certain responsibility for you as the owner.

One of the duties you owe to everyone who comes onto your property is ensuring that the premises do not contain any potential dangers. While you may not be aware of every pitfall that could lie hidden in your establishment, you have the legal responsibility to fix any issues you are aware of and/or post a warning for your visitors.

Could your business be considered dangerous or unsafe? Are you playing liability roulette? Before you are taken to court where you may be forced to pay some very expensive settlements, make time to do two things. First, make sure your California business liability insurance policy meets all your needs as soon as possible and second, identify and attend to any potential hazards at your business.


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