Does employee dishonesty insurance apply to your business?

Does employee dishonesty insurance apply to your business?

Most folks setting up a new insurance policy tend to focus on things like liability coverage and workers’ compensation insurance. These are extremely important, but have you given any thought to the need for employee dishonesty insurance for your California business? Consider this information about theft in the workplace and you might think about adding employee dishonesty insurance to your business insurance policy.


The main causes of employee theft center around accessibility, economy and unhappy employees.

•    Having no safeguards or security in place makes is easy for employees to embezzle or steal. Employees may begin to think about stealing inventory, equipment or cash when these valuables are unprotected.

•    A poor economy, and increasing bills, makes some employees desperate. Easy access to cash or saleable items leads some employees to steal.

•    When employees are unhappy with owners, supervisors, co-workers or their job, they may use stealing as a method for getting what they feel they deserve.

•    Employee dishonesty coverage is an insurance to cover loss of property, bonds or money resulting from employee theft.

•    Small business owners electing to buy dishonesty coverage may receive financial relief when employees steal bonds, passwords, property, equipment or cash.

Adding employee dishonesty coverage to your policy might be the protection you have been seeking. Contact your agent for specific policy details.


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