Dangers of the Aggressive Driver

Dangers of the Aggressive Driver

            Aggressive driving is a dangerous thing and at one point or another we have probably all done things that would put us in that category. Studies show that young male drivers are the most likely to fall into this category. They may even intentionally aggravate other drivers by initiating conflict, using rude gestures or language, tailgating, or impeding other cars. Not only are these behaviors unnecessary, they’re very dangerous.

            So how does one protect themselves from this menace on the roads? Use this rule of thumb “assume everyone around you is an aggressive driver.” In other words, suspect that anyone around you could cut you off any minute or do something else reckless. This has a dual benefit of both keeping you more prepared for things such as sudden stops swerving and other bad driving and when some one is courteous you are more likely to recognize it. The most important thing is to be checking your mirrors and what is going around your car or up ahead. Just because you see the green light does not mean the guy in front of you did because he is to busy texting someone or fiddling with the radio.


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