California Business Liability Insurance – A Brief Summary

California Business Liability Insurance – A Brief Summary

California businesses come in all sizes and types – fortunately, so does California
business liability insurance
. Here are just some of the types of liability
coverage available to business owners here:

  • General Liability: California general
    liability insurance usually protects the business owner from potential
    lawsuits made by visitors who injure themselves while on your business
    premises. It’s vital your coverage amount is high enough to ensure the
    business won’t be under financial duress if the policy is ever needed.
  • Product Liability: Should your
    business produce a product that may affect a person’s health (food or
    skincare items, for example) this type of policy offers financially
    protection if you are sued for damages.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance:
    A type of liability insurance designed to protect company officers and
    directors in the event they are sued.
  • Professional Protection: This
    insurance protects workers from being sued over products they design or
    manufacture in the workplace.

At first
glance California business liability insurance may seem complex and confusing
and getting an insurance consultant to determine exactly what your needs are
may be invaluable in helping you make the correct decision. All business owners
should be sure they have adequate coverage before opening their doors for
trading. With Insurance Brokers West, you can rely on our agency to get you the
coverage you need for your business. Liability can be a serious incident, so
contact us today for protection!

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