CA Workers Compensation for Contractors

CA Workers Compensation for Contractors

Honest and hardworking roofing contractors can hopefully look forward to a long and prosperous career in their businesses. It takes a lot of work, advertising and selecting of the best employees to help make a roofing business successful. Of course, as a contractor one of your top priorities is seeing to the safety and health of employees. The roofing business can be hazardous and as an employer you are responsible for safety guidelines and for obtaining CA workers compensation insurance. In addition to taking care of employees, you need to consider covering the other risks involved in running a business.

Liability insurance can be crucial particularly when running a higher-risk business. In some cases, people will not even hire a roofing business unless they have liability insurance. This insurance may be especially appropriate if your business causes property damage or injuries to people on the job site.

Consider business property insurance for perils such as lightning, windstorms, fire or theft. Although earthquake insurance is not included in standard in business policies, you may purchase it as an additional rider or policy if desired.

It’s likely you’ll also require commercial auto insurance. This coverage may help to protect your business assets in case of motor accidents. Fleet insurance may be more appropriate if you have several vehicles.

Making sure employees receive the necessary tools and training to do their jobs safely may help avoid CA workers compensation claims. Contact us if you need more information on this or other types of business insurance.


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