A Hybrid Study Summary

A Hybrid Study Summary

An analysis of a recent study done on hybrids versus their counterparts or cars with both a hybrid and standard version showed some interesting things about these cars. One of the major things it showed was that a hybrid car driver is 25% less likely to recieve an injury in an accident. This is due to the size difference, a hybrid is usually heavier than its counterpart giving them a small advantage. As with many things every advantage has its disadvantage, the hybrid is less safe for pedestrians. A hybrid is 20% more likely to have a collision with a passanger. This might be due to the reduced engine noise of the hybrid makes them less obvious to pedestrians in the road.  In fact recently Congress has ordered the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration to find a safe and effective way to make the car noisier and hopefully make the car less prone to catching pedestrians unaware. The technology is actually readily available in Japan the only country at the moment to require such a device. For more information just check out the article in Auto News. If you have any questions you are always more than welcome to call one of our agents or hit us up onFacebook

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