5 tips for your insurance check up

5 tips for your insurance check up

Five Reasons to Shop Your Car insurance


            Everyone’s life changes all the time, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Now we know most people do not enjoy the process of buying car insurance ! What if shopping your car insurance could save you money There are several situations that will help you save money if you update your insurance.


 Reason #1 – You’ve Received a Traffic Ticket

            A ticket can cause an increase in your insurance rate, and some companies can be better for drivers with    driving records that are not so hot.   Many companies have a lower rate for people with tickets, and some companies have a higher rate.   If you are classified as a non-good driver and a ticket comes off your record, this will put you in the good driver category.  If this is the case, your rate will come down.


Reason #2 – You’ve Bought or are Planning to Buy a New Car

            A new car can affect your insurance policy because of the make model and safety rating of your vehicle. The rating on a vehicle is determined mostly by claims on the vehicle. So if you are looking at a new car, shop for the insurance before you buy so you will not be surprised when the insurance bill comes.


Reason #3 – Your marital status has changed:   If you have recently tied the knot the advantage on your insurance can be in two places. Many companies offer a multi-driver and/or multi-car discount as well as a married discount. If you have recently become divorced you can save by removing the spouse from your insurance and no longer having to pay for them.


Reason #4 – You’ve joined a Carpool

            Annual miles is a very instrumental factor in your insurance premium, being part of a car pool can cut your annual miles down and   will save you money on your car insurance.  You’ll save at the pump also!!


 Reason #5 – You Have a Teenage Driver

            The most common reason insurance rates increase is when a teenage driver is added to the policy. As repeated studies have shown drivers are usually safer as they get more experience behind the wheel. But wait there is good news!   Some companies have better rates for parents with teenage drivers. Most companies also offer a significant discount to teenagers with good grades.


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